Saturday, February 27, 2010

Enter to win a scholarship to Backspace writers conference in NYC!


Click the above link because you MUST! This is an awesome opportunity folks! The details are available on the blog belonging to agent of awesomeness, Colleen Lindsay of FinePrint literary. Only one more day left to enter, so better get on this!

And if you're a writer and you don't twitter...WHY? Twitter is where it's at! This contest info came from there as well as the other one and so many others! Get with the program ya'll....TWEET! TWEET! WRITE! WRITE! nuff said... By the way...I'm 6gMom on twitter for when you sign up because I know you're gonna...right now! ;) to do more writing on Flash.....this book is good people. It really, really, really is! :D

Agent running a Contest! Do it now!

A contest! It's only running for another half hour so GO! DO IT! NOW! I did..I'll let you know what she says....

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Just read this...then laugh...seriously. You need it and my friend Jamie delivers it! :D

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Help me, Help you!

Go here and read about this and you'll see why I need your help! Follow and comment telling me you did so I can get a free call from an agent! Thanks!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Heart palpitations...

I received an email from the agent that had my partial tonight while I sat here and my heart beat wildly out of control. I didn't want to open it. It was out of control. Seriously. But I did. And it was a rejection and my pulse slowed. "My heart can handle this." I told myself. "It can. It's just another in a very long line." But it hurt, as I suspected it would. I did not cry. Not one tear was shed because it was exactly what I expected and like I said before, it's among many that have and will yet be delivered to my inbox. Life goes on, we cope and we query. This agent seemed really sweet and did offer a small amount of feedback which was kind or her. She didn't ask me to send her my next work or revisions. At least it was something. That is more than I had this morning. I'm not going to make any changes to that manuscript just now. I'm going to let my outstanding queries get responses and then go from there and I will be thinking about what she said in the meantime because that is what you should do as a writer. You listen to comments and you decide what to do with them. That's what it's all about. I wish that made each rejection easier to take, but it doesn't. I'll make it though, and the sun will still rise tomorrow! That is what makes life worth living. Perspective is very important when you write for life. It's hard to keep an eye single to your goal, but it's the heart of progress.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

query queen!

Ok....not really, but I'm doing SOMETHING. I consider that to be royal in some way. I'm trucking right along(wow, that sounds less royal and more white trash)

Today - I'm going to get some writing done and/or editing and I'm excited about it! Too bad I'm not feeling good which is why I'm sitting here...oh well. You can't have everything, right?

Query Stats - since it's been called to my attention my previous link didn't work and they've changed since then anyway.
Sent = 45
Positive Responses = 1
Negative Responses = 16

Ok - off to do some laundry then - WRITING!

Monday, February 1, 2010

53 pages of worry?

First, a little comic relief from Debbie Ridpath! She's brilliant! After a weekend of slashing and editing and pouring over every last word, I sent off what I hope and pray was the most perfect, most compelling, most 'I HAVE to know MORE' or I'll die partial Manuscript imaginable yesterday night. I've been saying for months that I just don't know what I could possibly cut but this weekend proved that I can cut more. I guess when it's crunch time we do what we have to do. So this week and in the weeks to follow I'm endeavoring to not think about the partial and just get more writing done. I'm planning on sending out my first round of snail mail queries to agents that don't accept equeries. Here are my query stats according to I have to admit it was super fun to put a happy face in one of those spots amongst all teh angry red ones! lol By the way- If you're a fellow author and you use Look me up! I'm Melony Martin. And if you don't use and you are thinking about querying at some point, check it out! It's an awesome tool to help you keep track of your project stats and research agents/authors. I cross reference at, and just to be safe but the tools at querytracker are great!

Well, for today, I'm off to the gym and then hopefully some work on Flash and maybe some more slashing on Hourglass since I've proven I CAN do it. That, and querying. Also, found out Friday night that there is a vampire book coming out in March called Hourglass. Not really thrilled about that. Hourglass. Vampires. COME ON!!!!

Work In Progress, Flash...

Work In Progress, Flash...

What I'm Reading now....

What I'm Reading now....