Sunday, September 20, 2009

It's Query time!

So, I've been working on the dreaded query letter and it's a nail-biting frustrating ride, I must say. If you read here please, please, please( did I say PLEASE?) read the following mini-synopsis and comment with whatever thoughts you may have. There are so many conflicting opinions on this in web-land! So, without further ado -

Allyson Hales is a level –headed and goal oriented 19 year old, living in the beautiful state of Virginia among oceans, forests and mountains. When her fiancĂ© is killed on the way to their wedding, she’s plunged into a deep depression and isn’t sure she’ll ever recover.Then she meets Grant Pierce, a young, time traveling, detective, who starts appearing in her dreams, essentially rewriting her past. With Grant in her life she envisions a very different future than she’d ever imagined.But Ally doesn’t know Grants secret or that falling in love with him, she’s made herself a pawn in a war as old as time, pitting good time travelers against dangerous ones.No matter how much Grant loves Ally and may fight to protect her he fears he can never give her the future they both yearn for.class

Comment away!!! I need the help!

Friday, September 18, 2009


I've been busy editing Hourglass...but I'm getting so close and writing the query letter is making me break out in a cold sweat! Anyway, I've started Book 2 which is tentatively entitled, "Retrospective." Not sure if I love it yet but it's something to call it, for now. It's amazing what's happening with my beloved characters so far in Book 2...who knew??

Also, I have another project in the works, currently entitled, "Text Me, I'm Yours." This one will most definitely be for the YA market. My protagonist is 16 and she acts it. I'm liking it so far! I think it's an interesting idea and it's been good to write so far...

Still planning on sending out 15 query letters by months end! WISH ME LUCK! (and a tough skin) I'm gonna need it! ;)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Rough edit is done!

I completed the rough edit on Book One on labor day at 2 AM! Now I need to print it out and edit with a hardcopy manuscript and pen. Just a few more edits to go but I've decided to really focus on the first three chapters so I can get my first round of queries out. Then I wait for rejection or representation (I can dream!) while finishing the edits and writing Book Two....I can't believe I'm doing this!!!! I'm working on a query letter and it's almost worse than writing the book! It has to be perfect because it's my into to potential agents...STRESS!

Work In Progress, Flash...

Work In Progress, Flash...

What I'm Reading now....

What I'm Reading now....