Monday, July 27, 2009


Just now after a 5 day recess I finished book 1, Hourglass. I am super excited about it! I rewrote the ending 4 times and I think I am finally happy with it. Well, outside of editing when I will probably rewrite it again. Now I need to print it all off and actually read it from page 1 to page 234. It will be interesting to see how it all flows. When you write you write chapter by chapter and it will be fun to actually read it all the way through...Anyway, today is an exciting day!!! Book 1 DONE!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Writing Group 2

Saturday was a great night with my writing group from teh BYU Writers workshop back in June. I am so glad I went to that and if you are a writer I highly suggest attending a conference of some sort. I learned SO much! But also, I met all these wonderful women and we get together to share ideas and critique each others work. It is just an awesome thing! I ave two groups and they are both terrific. Ally, who is the dark haired beauty above, is already a published Author! She has several books available through Deseret Book. i only wish I could be like her! :) I hope for the best for all of us in our publishing endeavors but I pray that we all keep writing and trying regardless of the outcome! Thanks ladies for being so great! We missed those who didn't make it! Janette - that means you! :)
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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Writers group: JOIN ONE!

If you are a writer and you want to be serious about it and get published (not that I would know about that...BUT) Join a Writer's Group! I went to my first one last night with 3 other writers and we have a great time. We read each others manuscripts aloud and then listened and offered critiques. This is very helpful to the writing process and can also share creative ideas and plot ideas etc etc etc...So, do it! Thanks to Chris, Stephanie and Rebekah for being there last night and commenting on my work! You guys rock! Oh - and in addition to sharing ideas and critique we shared a yummy dessert! thanks Steph! :D

Monday, July 6, 2009

To rewrite or not to rewrite?

That is the question. I had decided to just stop all of that and finish the book first. Then I planned to edit, edit, edit and rewrite like crazy but this weekend I went against all I had decided, double-crossing my own value system yet again! Oh well, I got a lot of good paragraphing and formatting done. I am so close to finishing this book I am back to writing again so expect good things! Book 1 will be complete soon! In the meantime I am considering just cleaning up one of my picture books and sending that out to an agent or two?? Get that ball rolling? To send or not to send??

Work In Progress, Flash...

Work In Progress, Flash...

What I'm Reading now....

What I'm Reading now....